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Behind These Eyes
Chapter 1 - Overture
Chapter 2 - In The Beginning
Chapter 3 - My First Shot
Chapter 4 - Chad And The Dealer
Chapter 5 - The Decision To Deal
Chapter 6 - License To Steal
Chapter 7 - Casino School
Chapter 8 - Spring '84
Chapter 9 - Getting In: The Audition
Chapter 10 - Breaking In
Chapter 11 - Learning The Biz
Chapter 12 - Shooting Dice: The Hook
Chapter 13 - The City, The Casinos, And The Mob
Chapter 14 - The Move To Get Out
Chapter 15 - Fired By The Mafia
Chapter 16 - Along Comes Mary
Chapter 17 - The Trop
Chapter 18 - Outside The Biz
Chapter 19 - Back In The Biz - Another Audition
Chapter 20 - The Birth Of Nicole
Chapter 21 - Trump: The Art Of The Steal
Chapter 22 - Previews OF Things To Come
Chapter 23 - The Break-Up
Chapter 24 - The Nut House
Chapter 25 - Recovery
Chapter 26 - Parental Alienation
Chapter 27 - Fired From Trump
Chapter 28 - I Fight For Nicole
Chapter 29 - The Run-A-Round
Chapter 30 - Throwing In The Towel
Chapter 31 - What Now


Welcome to:

Welcome to Without A Gun.  This is a true story about the casino industry and how they ruined the life between myself my daughter, and all those stupid enough to walk into a casino. 

Gambling is more addictive than heroine. I'll bet (sorry about the pun) many gamblers didn't even know that whether or not they leave a winner or looser is not determined by luck, but rather by those operating the games.  This is the story of how we did just that.

I confess that I was a casino dealer from 1984 through 1991, and that I helped to defraud innocent people out of their hard earned cash.  For that I am sorry.  But I make this up to you by telling you the story of how it is done, in the hopes that you will never walk into a casino ever again. It is also written for those traumatized from working in the casino industry, or those thinking about a career in the same.  To the latter I simply say, "don't do it".  

If you should ever come across a term you are not familiar with, you can find it by clicking on the glossary.

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