A few days after I lost my job I moved in with Chris.  I had to give what I had to him for rent and security, so there was no money for Mary.  When I told her what happened with my job and how it would be a few weeks before I could pay, she snapped.

    Mary decided to use this event as a new excuse to keep me from further seeing my daughter.  She said I couldn't see Nicole until I started making the payments again. Basically, Mary was holding Nicole hostage for ransom.

    Nicole begged me one night to visit her at home.  I told her I would come down since I now had all the time in the world. I talked to Mary about coming over that night and she told me they would not be home all day or night. I did not believe her. The next afternoon I called her house and woke up Mary.  This is the transcript from that conversation which shows Mary first telling me I cannot see Nicole because she didn't trust me alone with her to her new reason that I was missing payments.


INGEMAR:    Hello.

LEVITE:     Karen?

INGEMAR:    No, this is Mary.

LEVITE:     Mary, is ah, Nicole there?

INGEMAR:    No, she's taking a nap?

LEVITE:     She's taking a nap?

INGEMAR:    Uh huh.

LEVITE:     I thought you guys weren't going to be home today?

INGEMAR:    We just got home.

LEVITE:     It's 3:30.  Why, if I knew that, I could have came...You said you weren't going to be there all day...I wanted to come down tonight.

INGEMAR:    Well, I'm doing things...I'm busy.

LEVITE:     But Nicole really wants me there...

INGEMAR:    ...Well if you got a check--that's fine.  [First she is busy, now it is fine as long as I give her money.]

LEVITE:     Mare, you know I don't have any money.

INGEMAR:    Look...I'm not arguing with you.

LEVITE:     You can't keep Nicole from see...(Mary hangs up.)


    Just about every phone conversation I had with Mary went and ended that way.  On one morning she told me point blank, "I don't want Nicole ever to see you again, I don't want to ever see you again, and I want Nicole to forget you ever existed."

    There was only one problem with that; Nicole remembered me all too well.  She would ask to see me and mention all the times we spent together--even times spent over a year ago after I got out of the hospital.  She would also ask if I remembered the time when she lived with me at my old house and her mommy and the cats lived there too. She was obviously sad that we were not together and missed me a lot.

    About two weeks after I lost my job I called one afternoon to speak with Nicole and was given an excuse by Mary why I could not and told to call back later that night.  Karen or Mary would tell me that Nicole was either at their father's house, or taking a nap, or outside playing.  I never got to talk to her unless she or her cousin answered the phone.  When I tried to call back that night there was no answer.  I called Mary at work the next day to discuss the matter.  This is the transcript from that conversation.


INGEMAR:    Paul D'Amato's office.

LEVITE:     Mary?

INGEMAR:    Yeah.

LEVITE:     This is Lou.  Why did you leave the other day after Nicole's nap?

INGEMAR:    I had to go somewhere.

LEVITE:     Where did you go?

INGEMAR:    What?

LEVITE:     You knew I was calling back.

INGEMAR:    I had to go shopping.

LEVITE:     You didn't tell me you were going to go shopping.  You told me to call her back.

INGEMAR:    I didn't tell you to call her back. [laugh] I hung up on you.

LEVITE:     Well that was really nice.

INGEMAR:    [Snotty tone] What do you want.

LEVITE:     I want to know when I can see Nicole.

INGEMAR:    I told you.

LEVITE:     Mary, I have no job.

INGEMAR:    Well get one.

LEVITE:     They're not giving me any money for a while.

INGEMAR:    Well go get a job.

LEVITE:     Mare, I'm gonna look for a job.

INGEMAR:    What?

LEVITE:     I am going to look for a job--but that is no reason why you should keep me from my daughter.

INGEMAR:    Well look Lou, I'm tired of giving--I'm tired, tired, tired of putting up with your shit...hearing your excuses...


    You can notice that she has changed the reason and is sticking with the new one about not having a job as the reason why I can't see Nicole.

    Not being able to see Nicole caused me to fall into a rut.  I would just sit inside the new house and stare at the TV and four walls. I talked with Mary's old roommate Patty about Mary's unexpected pregnancy and Patty said I was a fool to believe her about not being able to have kids.  (All my friends told me that as well.) Then she added that everyone at Ceasar's knew Mary wanted out of the business and had the worst attitude in the joint.  Patty finished by saying everyone at Ceasar's knew Mary would do whatever it took to get out of there. Stupid me! In this same conversation as above, I brought that up that fact.


INGEMAR:    It's your own fault.

LEVITE:     It's not my own fault.

INGEMAR:    Bullshit.

LEVITE:     Don't tell me it's my own fault.

INGEMAR:    If you cannot afford to get fired from a job then you listen to what you're told to do.  [Her voice becomes very cold] You do not be rude or talk back to supervisors no matter if you're on your own time or not and you know it.

LEVITE:     I wasn't being rude.

INGEMAR:    But you have a snotty attitude.

LEVITE:     Mare, of course in that business I have a snotty attitude and you had the worst reputation in Ceasar's for having the biggest snotty attitude.

INGEMAR:    What difference does it make!

LEVITE:     What difference does it make?  What I want to know is how come you can have the biggest reputation in Ceasar's for being a snotty attitude and hating your job and being a piss ass about your job and I can't?

INGEMAR:    But I wasn't going to get fired.  I didn't get written up for being rude and that way to customers or to the supervisors.


    And they wonder why I tried to kill myself.  She knew exactly what that job was all about and didn't give one ounce of sympathy towards me.  Rather than understanding, she wanted to see me suffer.  It was fine for her to be that way towards the business, but I couldn't.  How evil can one person get?

    Mary's entire family was trying to ruin me.  I have just been listening to a tapped conversation between Nicole and I.  What I heard in the background was indicative to our conversations; Mary's mother telling Nicole to hang up the phone after one minute of talking.  I felt so sorry for my daughter having to put up with the Ingemars.  But Nicole was strong.  In her own little way she told her grandmother to go to hell and kept right on talking to me.

    In another conversation between us, Nicole asked me to come to her house to take her to the park. I explained how I could no longer drive my car because I could not afford the insurance.  She suggested that there was a car down there we could use.  Her Aunt Karen ran a day care out of the house and the two of them were there all day.  Nicole asked her mother if I could borrow the car so she could see me the next day.

    This is the transcript from the discussion between Mary, and me after Nicole gave her the phone.  This conversation also took place following the unemployment office's ruling in my favor and telling me that I would be getting benefits.  Notice how Mary does not mention the fact that I was right about it not being my fault for getting fired.


INGEMAR:    Hello.

LEVITE:     Yo, yeah, she  wants me to come down tomorrow and take her to the park.  Um, is there like a car that's going to be there that I can use...

INGEMAR:    ...No.

LEVITE:     ...to take her there?


LEVITE:     There's not?  Like your mother or anybody...

INGEMAR:    ...No.

LEVITE:     Is your mother still there?


LEVITE:     No.  She's gone?

INGEMAR:    Uhn uh.

LEVITE:     Uhn uh, what?

INGEMAR:    What?

LEVITE:     I said, she's gone?

INGEMAR:    Yep, she's gone.

LEVITE:     So, OK.

INGEMAR:    I assume you have a check for me then?

LEVITE:     Um, well, will I be able to use your sister's car?

INGEMAR:    Wait a minute--hold on.

              (10 or 15 second pause for Call Waiting.)

INGEMAR:    All right.----a check for me?

LEVITE:     Huh?

INGEMAR:    You have a check for me?

LEVITE:     Well, yes, as soon as they give me the check its going to be retroactive--I'll have it.

INGEMAR:    And when is it?

LEVITE:     Ah, the 28th they told me.

INGEMAR:    Of what, May?

LEVITE:     Of no--June--of May, yeah.

INGEMAR:    Oh, [dramatic pause] so you'll have the check then?

LEVITE:     Yeah, yeah, they'll give it to me--it will be retroactive.

INGEMAR:    And then you're gonna pay me the...

LEVITE:     ...Right.

INGEMAR:    ...Fifty...hundred and fifty...the two hundred bucks you owe me?

LEVITE:     It will probably be two or two-fifty at the time, yeah,  yeah, you'll get that.

INGEMAR:    OK.  Well, when you bring that check, you can come down.

LEVITE:     Well, Mare, why can't I come down now?

INGEMAR:    Because I told you!  I don't know if your deaf...

LEVITE:     You can't blackmail me.

INGEMAR:    I'm not blackmailing you.

LEVITE:     Yes you are.  You're telling me I can't see my daughter, my daughter can't see me, unless I give her--unless I give you money.  Money I don't have.  Mary, there's no way around it--I don't have the money.  You know threatening me is not going to get you the money because I don't have it.

INGEMAR:    I'm not threatening you.

LEVITE:     You are too.  You're telling me I can't see my daughter.

INGEMAR:    Threatening you and meaning something are two different things.

LEVITE:     Mare, you're telling me I can't see my daughter, my daughter can't see me--she wants to see me.

INGEMAR:    Well, that's right.  I am telling you that aren't I?

LEVITE:     But that's pretty mean, Mare.

INGEMAR:    I don't care.


    I think Dr. Singh better sit down right now and write that apology letter and send it to my publisher.  This 25-year-old girl was whacked out of her mind and no one would believe me.  They all thought I was crazy for trying to kill myself.  Like the other calls, she hung up on this one as well, preventing Nicole and I from continuing our conversation.

    The more I listen to the conversations between my daughter and I, the more I pity for her.  The frustration of her being kept from me shows in her voice.  Often, at times, Nicole offered me money because she knew she could not see me until I gave her mother money.  It was a sad thing, which broke my heart with each offer.

    Mary knew I would have the money, yet she still wanted to destroy our relationship.  As of this particular moment, though, I had yet to learn the real reason why. I had missed payments in the past, but Mary was always paid the next week.  She knew I was good for it, but she would not allow herself to believe it. The money was definitely coming on the 28th and she knew that.  As soon as I told her I had the money and was coming down she upped the ante.

    She no longer would accept the missed weeks.  Mary wanted the $350 we were arguing over for the past year.  She wanted money from when I wasn't working after I got out of the hospital and I wanted the same amount from her in order to have the car fixed after she pulled her hit and run. I kept telling her I would give her the money I owed her if she gave me the money she owed me.  Basically the debts would cancel each other.  I was still going to have to fork over the $350 to get the car fixed otherwise it would not be able to pass inspection.  Mary was trying to stiff me on that debt as she had been with the others since 1987.  Only she had an ace in the hole; the courts.

    When we signed our agreement last year the most important reason why I did not want the payments to go through probation, next to keeping a good rapport with Mary, was just in case I lost my job and could not pay.  This would give me the cushion to make it up to her without the threat of being put in jail.  I also hated appearing in court and didn't believe in them too much after my experiences from the past.  Mary knew I could pay and she had nothing to use against me to keep me from Nicole.  On May 31, 1991, she filed with the Superior Court of New Jersey, Chancery Division--Family Part, Cape May County, New Jersey, a motion to have last year’s decision by the courts enforced.  She wanted the payments to go through probation.  Her strategy: if I were to lose my job again I would end up in jail.

    On that very same Friday, Nicole went for a visit to my father's house.  My parents were, by this time, divorced.  That night Nicole called me, crying her heart out over the phone because she had not seen me in almost six weeks.  Not only that, her mother never once allowed her to call me when she wanted to.  The next day, June 1st, we saw each other for the first time since she was kidnapped April 24th.

    On June 21, 1991, the court read Mary's request and scheduled a hearing for the two of us to appear on July 26. It was at that hearing I found out what her game was.

    It was raining that day, so I got a ride to court with a roommate and two other friends who went for support.  Mary told me her father would be there.  I knew if I brought witnesses with me he would not start any shit.  I saw her for the first time in two months and there it was, as plain as day, on her finger, a diamond engagement ring.  Mary tricked herself another sucker and I knew exactly who it was.

    When Mary Ingemar started working for Paul D'Amato she was assigned to Steven K. Johnson.  She used to talk about him a lot and said he was a young dumb guy she could boss around.  I had filed for visitation rights earlier that month and Johnson's name started appearing on the stacks of papers they were sending the courts telling them why I should not have visitation.  Why else would this guy represent Mary, free of charge, and ruin the life of a man he never met, unless they had something going?  Now all I had to do was prove it.

    Filing for visitation rights was a scary thing.  I had held off doing that out of fear that Mary would have either her father or one of D'Amato's connections knock me off.  But I started to realize that I was letting my fear keep Nicole from me.  We had rights, but since I hated dealing with the courts, and since I was afraid of Mary, I let them hold us back.  I wanted to live. I had to stand up for those rights.  If Mary wanted to make the process ugly, then I was prepared to go as far as writing this book.

    On that July 26, day in court, I wanted to tell the judge she had no right to ask for this motion because we had a signed agreement stating she could not while I was in school. The judge asked Mary what she wanted and she answered the $130 a week the court granted her last year and for it to go through probation. Without even listening to me, the judge gave it to her.  I will never forget that smirk on her face.

    I should have figured she was up to something.  Mary kept saying that she was going to court to get me to pay through probation so she would not have to worry about me missing a payment.  During a taped conversation I offered her $3000 up front to keep it out of the court. She asked what that was for and I answered that it was 52 payments for $2600, plus the $350 she wanted, plus an extra $50 to make it a round number.  Mary refused.  She didn't want the money, she wanted me out of Nicole's life, obviously so Steve could step in as Daddy and she and he could live without me always showing up.  The two of them were in on it together. I know this because she would not make a decision until the next day, after she spoke with him.

    She told me, that first week in June, on tape, that she would have papers drawn up preventing me from ever seeing Nicole again.  I told her in another recorded conversation that she was driving me crazy and I was thinking of taking off for good.  She didn't care.  She said she had friends in high places and if I tried she would have me tracked down and I would be sorry.  Now, I had known at this time that her boss' father was Paul "Skinny" D'Amato, but I had no idea what a dangerous man he really was until I read the FBI transcripts.  But I did find out how well known Skinny was when I tried to get a new identity.

    Just after her divorce, my mother started going out with a member of the Mafia.  I remember how I found out after I saw his picture and asked her if that was him. She asked me what I thought of him.  I took one look and said he looked like a guinea gangster.  Mom started to laugh.  I asked her what he did for a living and she said he used to work for Donald Trump as his right hand man.  That instant I was convinced he was a gangster and told her to beware of him.

    Mom started to defend him saying what a nice guy and how down to earth he was. She said he was "for real".  I didn't care. To be in the Mafia it is generally a rule that you have to kill someone to join.  It’s called getting your points.  He was no doubt a killer. She told me how he used to be best friends with Trump and was his roommate at the Wharton School of Business. I still didn't care. Mom mentioned he used to run the Trump Castle casino, but quit because he hated the business and gamblers and was getting fed up with Donald Trump, his ego, and his cheating on Ivana, who he was really good friends with. But to me, he was still a hoodlum.  My mother is very naive.  I am worried about her.  I had a feeling (due to my extreme paranoia about the business) that he was a plant and only seeing her to get to me.  I was running scared because one time when I went to pull up the first chapter of this book on the computer it was not under code, so I began to get nervous thinking they might have read it and knew I was writing this.  But I could not tell her that.  Then she proved to me he was Mafia.

    There was a half interest in a business my mother owned which she wanted to get rid of, but her partner wasn't buying. Her boyfriend had a very good friend of his write the partner a letter about my mother's intention to sell.  That was all, just stating her intention to sell.  But what the letter was about was not what got her partner to buy her out.  It was the name at the end.

    Mom called me and asked me to print up copies of the letter on my computer. Then she told me to sign it Robert DeSimone, Esq., I freaked out on her.

    "Do you know who this guy is?"

    "Yeah, he's a friend of Franks."

    "He's Frank's friend?"

    "Yes.  What's wrong with that?  He's doing a favor for me."

    "He's a Mafia lawyer!"  I was pissed at her.  Ever since she started seeing Frank her attitude changed.

    "Oh, Louis, he is a friend of Frank's."

    "Nice friends.  Do you know who he really is?  This is the guy who defended Nicky Scarfo and his gang for murder, swearing up and down how innocent they were only to have been proven guilty.  I don't want you getting involved with this guy."

    "He's doing me a favor because Frank asked him to."

    "Those people don't do favors for no one unless they get one in return.  Don't be so fucking stupid!"

    She yelled at me for cursing at her and I took the letter for her.

    Mom loved being with the cronies.  She told me how she was going to Donald Trump's wedding to Marla Maples in December.  Trump had not even made the announcement that he was getting married and even though the press was reporting a Donald/Marla break-up, mom thought she already had her invitation and was excited to be going.  Like it was a big deal.

    I knew my mother had the Mafia connections, so I called her for help.  She used to warn me about taking on Mary and would constantly ask me if I knew who her boss' father was.  I would say, "Yeah, Paul "Skinny" D'Amato, owner of the 500 Club and spear head for casino gambling in Atlantic City."  Then she would make me think a little.  I knew she didn't just know that.  I had just found out myself a few months ago. If Frank knew him, they both must have been bad.  I called mom and asked her to get me a new identity.  I told her I was taking off and I didn't want to be bothered by that bitch ever again.  My mother claimed she wouldn't know how to do that. I told her to just do it and hung up.  The next night she called me back with the information.

    "Do you still want to leave?" she asked.

    "I'm thinking about it."

    "Well, it is going to cost $5000 and the guy will be here for only one day, then he is leaving.  If you want it you have to do it now, but you have to leave Friday and once you leave you cannot come back."

    "Friday?  That's too soon."

    "Do you have the money," she asked.

    "Yeah, I have the money, but Friday?  That's in two days."

    "Look you're getting a bargain.  They usually cost $10,000.  The guy is only in town for a few days, so make up your mind."

    I could tell I was on the speakerphone.  I figured Frank was listening to me, so I demanded to be taken off.  It was a little upsetting to find out she allowed him to listen in.  Then I told her a friend of mine just took off and it might have been the biggest mistake of his life.  I said I would think about it and call her tomorrow.

    My good friend Kenny Q. had just taken off because things "looked" shitty.  He was giving up a lot and we all said it was a mistake.  How could I make the same mistake? I would also be leaving behind school, many friends, and the band.  They were the only things making life a little more bearable while Mary kept me from Nicole.  I got a lot of love from them.  Without that support system I might have ended back on One West.  Then there was Nicole.  If I were to leave her my life would have no meaning.

    If there was one thing I wanted to do it was to get away from that evil bitch, but too many circumstances did not make sense to me. First off, it was too convenient that Frank's man was not from around town and it would be a one shot deal just at the same time I was asking for it.  Next, why was I getting it for half price? And finally, why would I have to leave right away?  Why couldn't I hold on to it and leave when things got really shitty?  It wasn't making sense.  And if there is one thing I hate it is a high-pressure sales tactic. I will usually walk away from such a salesperson.  But it was a combination of all that and my paranoia about reality that stopped me from going through with it.

    Mary worked for a Mafia lawyer and threatened to get me if I left, the casinos were all Mafia and not happy with me, and Frank and his boy who would be hooking me up were Mafia also.  It would be very easy for those gangsters to know who I was.  If I was not allowed to come back then they could kill me, dump me where I would never be found, and no one would know I was missing.  The logical choice was to stay.

    In July, my situation and nerves were on such end that I located and began seeing Jay Albrecht.  We would talk and he would help me to feel I could take on Mary without fear.  I would ask about the mental condition of both Mary and me and he would give opinions.

    A day or two before the hearing I spoke with Mary.  She was engrossed with anger over the fact that I had filed with the court for visitation.  For two months I would not do it in fear that she might ask her father to kill me, but I had had enough. Nicole's frustrations could be clearly heard over the phone each time she would ask her mother if I could visit and Mary would say no.  I wasn't going to put up with that anymore.  I had to take the risk.

    I was talking to Nicole on a Saturday morning.  It was 10 am and only the children were up--unsupervised.  Mary and her sister were asleep.  Nicole asked me to go down for dinner the next night.  I told her she would have to ask her mother.  Nicole wanted to keep speaking with me.  She had her cousin go ask her mother for her.  When Erika returned with Mary's answer Nicole gave out a whine of frustration, told me to hold on, and went to talk to her mother herself.

    Mary was pissed she was awakened because of me and took the phone from Nicole.  She would not believe Nicole invited me down and accused me of inviting myself over.  The conversation changed and she started to talk about my pending lawsuit. The big concern was about getting me to pay for her day off from work she had to take to appear for the hearing.  She also told me she called the court and I would not get a trial until September 26, 1991.  She was going to delay this for as long as she could.  This transcript discusses how she must show up for the August 5th date.


LEVITE:     ...it says that you have to be there on August fifth, 1991, at 1 a--at 1 pm.

INGEMAR:    Are you paying for my day of work I'm missing?

LEVITE:     No, I'm not paying for your day off of work missing.  It says right here that if you're not--failure to appear shown on the summons may result...

INGEMAR:    ...Well Lou, I wanna tell you something.  OK?  If they give you visitation without supervision, I don't want you, I don't want your money, I don't want nothing from you...


    This transcript is important because now that there is an impending lawsuit she changes her reason for me not seeing Nicole for the fourth time since April.  In this reason, I can see Nicole, but not without supervision.  Her and Steve Johnson are going to make it as hard for me to see my little girl as they can.  The sad part is, they have no reason other than the fact that the two are working for Satan.  They do not care about Nicole's feelings.  For over a year I had been seeing my little girl and she was spending the nights with me without incident.  Now, all of a sudden, they are going to claim I can't see her, not because she got her hair wrapped, not because I lost my job, not because I didn't have the $350, but because I was in the hospital last year.  So why didn't she try to stop me last year?  Because she obviously wasn't sleeping with Steve Johnson then.  She wasn't even with him in February when we had dinner together on Valentine's Day, unless she was cheating on him.  That transcript also showed that this time the plan was not to get my money, but to get rid of me.  It is a sick world.

    As we continued talking she let me in on something I hadn't known; Paul D'Amato had moved his office from Atlantic City, to Linwood.    In this transcript, Mary is telling me how she is going to try to avoid showing up in court to discuss visitation.


INGEMAR:    I don't know. I didn't get it.

LEVITE:     Well, why didn't ya get it?

INGEMAR:    I have no idea why [sarcastically] I didn't get it. Maybe some fool put my sisters name on the envelope so that he would think that Mary knows what it is so she won't go get it.

LEVITE:     Mare, your name isn't on the envelope?  Mare, the court doesn't have your sister's name.  Your sister's name never came up.  What are you talking about?

INGEMAR:    I have no idea, Louis.  I didn't get it and...

LEVITE:     ... Oh, you're pretending you didn't get it? Is that it?

INGEMAR:    If the Sheriff is serving me I'm never here, so he's not gonna be able to serve me here.

LEVITE:     Oh, really?  Well we happen to know where you work.

INGEMAR:    I know, because your mother is your little fish for you telling you information.

LEVITE:     What are you talking about?

INGEMAR:    How do you know where I work?

LEVITE:     You work in Atlantic City.

INGEMAR:    Um hum.


    I didn't know it was Linwood until I had a friend call her office on the next business day to tell the person who answered the phone that she needed a lawyer and wanted to go in for a consultation. Then she asked the secretary how to get to the address shown in the phone book. It was probably even Mary my friend was talking to, but the girl gave her the new address and I called the court.

    Mary started to show signs of paranoia about our court date for July 26, now only one week away.  I could tell she was in financial trouble when she said, "Well, I'm filing for you to pay for my day off that I have to take."  That was probably why she worked on Steve Johnson so quickly.  The conversation took a turn and we started discussing Nicole talking to strangers.

    There is something about two hippie types wearing tie-dyed t-shirts when they cross.  There is a camaraderie, a brotherhood only few understand.  One afternoon I was walking through the mall, taking Nicole to the game room, when just such a happening occurred.  The two of us said hello to the other and kept walking to our destinations.  Nicole is a very inquisitive child and right away saw something that didn't jibe with what she had been taught.

    "Do you know that man, daddy?" she asked while holding my hand.

    "No, I don't."

    "Then why did you say hi to him?"

    "Because he is a person.  Because he was there."

    "My mommy doesn't let me talk to strangers."

    "I know, but it is OK to say hi to people and be friendly.  Your mommy doesn't want you to talk to strangers when you are alone because some people might want to hurt you and she is right.  But it is still OK to be friendly to one another and say hi when you're not alone."

    "My mommy won't let me say hi to my neighbor."

    "Well, I don't know why she won't let you do that. That's not very neighborly."  By this time we were at the stairs and the game room was in sight.

    Apparently, the next time Nicole was in a mall with her mother she started saying hi to the people she passed by.  She has such a kind heart. Mary was pissed. She was telling me how she was trying to teach Nicole not to talk to strangers and I was teaching her the opposite.  It sounded to me like Mary was teaching Nicole not to speak to anyone and fear the planet.  But to me, a stranger is a friend I never met.

    In this transcript from the same conversation as above, Mary once again shows her dissatisfaction with that fact and also shows that she is not going to allow me to see Nicole, no matter what.


LEVITE:     No Mare, I explained to her that it’s OK to say hello to people.  I told her why she is not allowed to talk to strangers.  I told her why you told her she is not allowed to talk to strangers.  And I told her it was OK to say hi to people.  That's all.

INGEMAR:    No its not!  [Mary becomes hysterical]  Don't you understand, that there is people out there that would knock me out and take her.

LEVITE:     What, are you kidding me?

INGEMAR:    All right, Louis...

LEVITE:     ...Do you live in that much fear?

INGEMAR:    All righ...

LEVITE:     ...Do you live in that much fear?

INGEMAR:    Lou, until you grow up and you understand reality and things and you learn how to deal with a child and instead of learning to be wherever you are, then you can see her. But not until then and I don't give a fuck what the court says or the Judge says.  I'm raising my child and I will not have her put through miserable hell because of you!  [She slams the phone on the receiver.]


    This was great.  Mary lived in a world where how rich she could get off of people was the name of the game.  And I have to understand reality?  If you are starting to hate Mary Ingemar at this point, don't.  Miss Ingemar came from a bad upbringing and has mental problems she inherited from her mother.  The best thing for her to do right now, if she cannot see the light, is to seek counseling.  Don't hate her; pity her.

    Now the nightmare was starting to take off.  On August 5, 1991, Mary and I met at the courthouse to discuss visitation.  She did exactly what she said they (her and Steve) would do.  She was backed into a corner, so she agreed to visitations with supervision claiming that I was not mentally stable.  The visitations had to be with one of my parents who both lived two hours from Mary and were not willing to do this every week.  Besides that, my father was out of the country four months out of the year, mother was taken ill, and I wasn't going for it either.  Mary decided to make it a court trial and just like she said, it wasn't going to be until September 26.

    As we were walking to our cars I went off on Mary, "If you think you are going to drag me through the mud on this you're crazy."

    "Leave me alone or you're dead, bud."

    I was on my way out of the parking lot when I turned around and headed back for the courthouse.  Mary noticed me do this.  I walked back inside and told the officer at the desk that Mary Ingemar had just threatened my life. I knew she was crazy, so I took it seriously. He said there was nothing they could do for me there and I would have to go to the Lower Township Police to file a complaint.  I didn't know where it was and I knew if I did she would probably do the same to me. I let it drop.  But I remembered the words.

    The next evening, Tuesday the 6th, I was at home with some housemates and friends when the police arrived.  It was dinnertime and we were all cooking our meals.  Chris was barbequing on the grill and I had a pot of veggie stew on the stove.

    I was in my room when my roommate Tim came up and told me the police wanted me.  I decided to talk to the man and he handed me a restraining order saying I couldn't see or call Mary.  That also meant Nicole.  Mary always said she would have papers drawn up so I could not see Nicole and she did it--no doubt under the direction of Steven K. Johnson, Esq. and fiancée.  There was also a court date for the 14th.  I had also filed for a reduction after the July 26 court appearance and that was scheduled for September 11.  Now I had three court dates, August 14, September 11, and September 26, plus all the time I was spending going back and fourth to the courthouse and police station.  I was pissed.

    On Wednesday, the letter carrier was blowing the horn for me.  She was afraid of Zeke, so she would not get out of the car.  I signed for a letter to find out I had just been arrested through the mail.  Can you dig that?  I had five days to turn myself in to be booked for criminal harassment.  I also had to report to the Lower Township Municipal Court on August 13.  (That made four court dates to remember.)

    Apparently, on Monday, when Mary saw me going back to the court, she must have figured I was going to tell them what she said.  She probable told Steven and he told her to make up a story to have me arrested.  I guessed they thought it would look better for them at the visitation trial if I had been charged with threatening to kill her.

    Also in the mail that day was a copy of a motion they filed against me stating why I should not be allowed to have the reduction I sought.  In point number 10 she states, "Since the entry of the original Order, Louis Levite has made no attempt to secure employment, and in fact was fired from his job at Trump Plaza as a direct result of insubordination to his supervisor."  What a bitch.  Trying to make it appear as if I was a disciplinary problem.

    Of course I wasn't looking for work. After I appealed the decision of the Trump appeal I saw a public lawyer and she said I was railroaded and would have my unemployment benefits back. I had no plans to return to the casino, so I knew any job I got would not pay more than five bucks an hour. I was clearing $291 a week from unemployment.  Why would I want to give up that to make one hundred dollars less?  Mary knew that was my plan because I told her.  But she didn't care; she couldn't stand to see me have the summer off.  I told her I put in seven years for those gangsters and I needed some time to unwind before getting back into the real world. It didn't make any difference to her.

    In point 11 of the same paper she tried to make me look as if I never intended to get a job.  She wrote, "Louis Levite has advised me personally that he will not seek employment until 'the world becomes a better place'.  These statements and other actions on his behalf leads me to believe that he has no intention nor wants to make any effort to obtain employment and furthermore provide for the well being and necessities of our daughter Nicole."  No, I just offered her $3000 in June as a joke.

    I decided to play her game.  I got up off my ass and went to the family court to get a restraining order against her.  The lady there told me they could not give me the same criminal charge she had against me and for that I would have to go to the Lower Township Police.  I wanted to have her arrested in front of her family and taken in to be booked.  On the next day, I went to Lower Township and filed.  I can only assume she was arrested that evening because the next step in their strategy was to have me killed.

    On Monday, August 12, I received a package in the mail from Paul D'Amato with a Saturday, August 10, postmark on it.  Inside was a motion by Steven Johnson, on behalf of Mary Ingemar, telling the court that he would be representing her at the trial and that he wanted Domestic Violence Restraining Orders and stuff--stuff like: "1. Order permitting Defendant to obtain a complete copy of Dr. Pritpul Sighn of 208 W. White Horse Pike, Pomona, NJ; 2. Order permitting Defendant to obtain a complete copy of the hospital records of Atlantic City Medical Center and Dr. Sighn; 3. A Court appointed psychiatric evaluation of Plaintiff Louis Levite; 4. An order prohibiting visitation of the minor child Nicole Levite pending adjudication of this matter; 5. A final Restraining Order entered in the Superior Court on New Jersey, Cape May County, Family Division, prohibiting Louis Levite, Jr., from having any contact with Mary Ingemar; 6. Complete copies of all prior psychiatric records for Louis Levite, Jr."  Then they dug up ancient history about my hospital stay.  But when I saw that letter I freaked.

    Mary showed Steven K. Johnson the private letter I wrote her dated July 28, 1990, along with a few others.  That was the letter that got Mary to agree to the $50 a week and got her off my back.  When I wrote it I was feeling suicidal; now I was in school and wanted to live.  They knew by showing this to Skinny's kid they could have me knocked off and it wouldn't cost them a dime. The three of them decided to put the letter on public record for the Boys to see.  What low lives.

    I knew that letter would be my death warrant. There was no way the Boys were going to let me show up for the trial and be asked what I meant by, "You quit because you were sick and tired of stepping on buttons to steel from people and be involved in a criminal enterprise which the rest of the world has no idea about."  Mary and Steve were determined to kill Nicole's dad just so they could go on with their life undisturbed by me.  Now is the time when you can stop pitying Mary Ingemar and start to dislike her.  But don't hate her, "ain't no time to hate."

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